VINCI in the world


VINCI Group: more than one hundred years of construction and services. Established in 1899 by French engineers Alexandre Giros and Louis Loucheur, VINCI has become the world’s largest company in the field of construction and related services.


The name VINCI pays tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, artist, scientist and engineer, and stands for the technical resourcefulness with which the Groups identifies.

VINCI in numbers

VINCI is a global player in concessions and construction, employing more than 194 000 people in some 100 countries.


VINCI Concessions is a leading European transport infrastructure operator. It operates in the motorway, airport, bridge and tunnel, railway, and stadium sectors.


VINCI contracting activity networks 3000 business units in unparalleled scope of knowledge on energy and information technologies, road and railways works, and civil construction and engineering.
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